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Name:An AU Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-Playing
Website:USS Anubis / Where No One has Gone Before Wiki
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Role-playing, Writing, Theater, Legacy Tales
Please note we are NOT a movie-verse Star Trek RP/Writing community. Instead, we are a time travel, Roddenberry-themed Trek game set in a parallel universe where the members of the crew are displaced in space-time. While displaced, they are doing what Starfleet officers do at their best: have adventures, save lives, and set things right.

We are a "learn as you go" community with a strong emphasis on learning and teaching the canon. Excellent canon knowledge helps, but people willing to learn at any level Trek know-how are cherished.

Our current setting is the USS Anubis, a Valiant class starship (similar to the Defiant only roughly three times the size and meant for long-range, independent operations in dangerous territory). It's five-year mission had been to circumnavigate Romulan Space, see what's on the other side, and report back to both the Federation. Success will bring glory. Death, however, is expected. As a result, the crew is a mix of daredevils, outcasts, and the politically dangerous. Four months into their mission, the crew encountered a space-time event. Instead of retreating, as per Starfleet's protocol, the remain crew chose to fight and work to try an stop these increasingly destructive space-time events. The time-displaced from various time-lines and era are stranded here until they can find a jump point back - or maybe never.

We are currently an invite-only community, which will likely open itself more as time goes on.

Yes, CBS/Paramount owns Trek, but we support the assertion that parts of Trek belong to us all. This community invokes the US Copyright fair use protections offered by the 1976 Copyright Act regarding "commentary / criticism."

WNOHGB is part of the Legacy Tales troupe of players and alternate universes.
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